In 2016 the Medellin Metro expanded its system by adding a tram. As its main sponsor, Bancolombia wanted people to make proper use of this new public transportation.

For Medellin's people, the Metro is a source of pride. They keep it clean and use it in a civil manner. They call this behavior "Metro Culture."

We aimed to extend the "Metro Culture" to the new tram. So we partnered with an Urban Sketcher to draw the most beautiful places along the route while teaching the safety rules in a friendly and shareable way.

Headline: "Art along the way. Each mural tells a story."

Headline: "Casa Botero. This architectural gem of the XX century, saw the old tram of our city"

Headline: "Don't get distracted when using your cellphone or your headphones."

Headline: "Look both ways before crossing the street. The tram shares it with you."

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