Finding the perfect gift for Christmas is stressful. And not all Colombians have the means to give expensive presents. So we needed to tell a compelling cross-media story, far away from the cliches of the holiday. 

To relieve that pressure, we encouraged people to give more of themselves: their time, their heart, their voice, and everything they are. And we provided the means to do so: almost literally. 
1. We inspired Colombians by telling them the story of
 Manuel and his magic bottles on TV. 

2. A call to action on the TV spot and a digital campaign drove our audience to a landing page. They could decide what they wanted to give of themselves, to their loved ones.
3. We mailed a bottle with a personalized label to the friends and family of the people who interacted with us on the landing page.
Agency: DDB
Creative Director & Copywriter: Federico Giraldo

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